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Self-correcting mechanisms

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

As early as 2008 I was floating balloons with my colleagues in the academic world, wondering if certain research questions might have traction. Back then I was wondering why, if it is OK to worry about how sexual objectification of women in the media effects girls self-esteem, couldn't we look into the impact of the way men are portrayed as stupid, bullying idiots might be impacting boys view of themselves. The silence was deafening, and that problem has not changed.

The question does not even register as a serious one, because the conventional wisdom is so startlingly anti-male that the notion of boys needing different role models in the media is ridiculous on its face. That has naturally progressed to the bold faced assertion that masculinity itself if pathology as official APA doctrine.

Dr. Shawn Smith draws an interesting analogy between the way mainstream academia is an echo chamber and the red-pill having the potential to do the same. He uses the topic of hypergamy to demonstrate.

Here's how I interacted with his video.

And here's the original video from his youtube page. Its worth watching if you have the time.

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